In a society where everything moves at a fast pace, it can leave many people feeling frazzled and stressed. People often have elderly parents/other relatives or children to care for, pets to take care of, full-time jobs, and households to keep up. Many times, all of this stress has a very adverse effect on an individual’s life.

At times, it can seem like we hardly have time to sit down and enjoy life’s passing moments. As technology improves, societies move faster than ever before. That can cause added anxiety and unnecessary stress for many people.

It’s also important to remember that every individual handles stress differently. Some people get through it just fine on their own while others struggle when life piles on.

Not only can stress be uncomfortable to deal with (and create more anxiety), but it can have adverse side-effects on virtually all areas of a person’s life.

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Stress can cause a whole host of problems including low energy, headaches, upset stomach, aches, pains, tense muscles, chest pains, rapid heartbeats, insomnia, and proneness to colds/infections.

Stress can cause people to become easily agitated, feel overwhelmed, keep the mind racing, cause difficulty relaxing, lower self-esteem, and make individuals avoid being around others. 

Stress can affect all areas of a person’s’ life including their emotions, behaviors, thinking, and physical health. No part of a person’s body is immune to the issues that stress can cause.

While a balanced diet and ensuring you get your vitamins and nutrients in your diet can certainly help, sometimes a healthy eating plan alone is not enough. When healthful eating doesn’t get you all the nutrients you need by itself, then natural supplements can come into place and help “close the gap” on nutrients you may be missing.

There isn’t one foolproof way to rid your life of stress in your life. However, studies show that preparing your body by taking a full B Vitamin complex can provide you with the energy you need to tackle stress head on.

A complete B vitamin complex can assist in enhancing your mood and providing you the energy that you need to handle the daily stresses of life positively.

There is an alternative to those who do not want to take pharmaceutical medications for these conditions. Certain vitamins believed to have a positive effect on stress for some people. The following include 10 of the top recommended vitamins to help combat stress:  

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CALMSENSE includes a variety of ingredients that are believed to help calm both the mind and body. Active ingredients in this vitamin include lemon balm, Rhodiola rosea, chamomile, passion flower, Bacopa monnieri, hope extract, and magnesium.  

These natural ingredients provide an alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to take a pharmaceutical substance to help ban stress from their lives. These ingredients are designed to work together to help restore positive energy in a person’s life.

​CALMSENSE will breathe new life into your everyday.

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OLLY Gummies come complete with a blend of L-Theanine and GABA to help you feel relief from your stress. The goal at OLLY is to provide a natural supplement that helps relieve your daily stress with a wholesome, natural product that you can trust.

​OLLY’s goal is to make nutrition fun and simple and to take the guesswork out of the equation. Everyone can enjoy gummies including adults. We strive to make nutrition fun and easy and believe that taking a healthy supplement to reduce stress shouldn’t have to be a chore.  

Stress Relief and Anti-Anxiety Supplements


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​This Stress Relief and Anti-Anxiety Supplement has had its ingredients carefully hand-selected and derived from a variety of different vitamins and herbs including gaba, hawthorne, valerian, St. John’s wort, and niacin

​Each batch of pills gets carefully hand-crafted to include only the most wholesome ingredients to ensure that you get a flood of stress relief with every supplement that you take. Our product also contains zero hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, sugar, soy, yeast, GMOs, dairy, and gluten to ensure that you are getting our most wholesome product to date.

All products get manufactured in the USA in an FDA-approved lab meeting GMP standards.

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​Thorne B vitamins help the body support the process of energy production and got designed to help an individual become more resistant to stress.

​The medication’s design allows it to be a perfect balance of all 8 active forms of Vitamin B which designed to enhance their availability to the body’s tissues.

Every Thorne product comes with the guarantee to only contain the purest ingredients. Our products have no gluten or other common allergens (eggs, tree nuts, etc.) in their makeup. This product contains shellfish, fish, dairy, yeast, or soy.

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​The Twin Lab Stress B-Complex Capsules provide the body with a high-potency combination of B Vitamins that also contain a dose of Vitamin C. The vitamins got designed to be easy to swallow, and the user takes two capsules by mouth each day with a meal.

The Twin Lab Stress B Complex Capsules include a variety of stress-busting ingredients including riboflavin (vitamin B2), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), thiamin (vitamin B1), niacin (vitamin B3), folic acid, and biotin.

​B vitamins help to support the health of the body’s nervous system and blood cells. They also help support the production of energy in the nervous system which helps the body naturally ward off stressors in your daily life through the co-creation of enzymes.

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​New Chapter Perfect Calm helps support a healthy mood and spirit as well as helping relieve temporary fatigue and drowsiness.

​This product includes the highest quality ingredients designed to support your energy levels including Holy Basil, Lemon Balm, and chamomile.

New Chapter Perfect Calm helps calm your calm mind and well-being improve when you get the nutrients you need including New Chapter Perfect Calm’s 21 vitamins and minerals that work together to help you feel better.

​The Vitamin C that New Chapter Perfect Calm provides helps support the structure of the adrenal glands which produce vital hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. In turn, those hormones boost your mood and help you continue to ward off stress.

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​NutraFitz Naturals B Complex Vitamins contain all natural, organic ingredients and include nothing synthetic. The vitamins receive support from folic acid which they believe helps the body absorb the active B Vitamin compounds in this supplement.

​Probiotics and enzymes contained in the Nutrafitz Naturals B Complex Vitamins help support digestion. The vitamin also includes stress-busting vitamins including pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), thiamin (vitamin B1), niacin (vitamin B3), folate and biotin (vitamin B7), and pyridoxine (vitamin B6).

​Additionally, 1333 percent of your daily biotin from this vitamin will help improve nail and hair health as well while also supporting your immune system’s responses to stress.

This product’s ingredients ensure that its vegan and contains whole organic foods including spinach, kale, and broccoli. The Nutrafitz Naturals B Complex Vitamins do not contain gluten and GMO-free.

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​The Super B Complex Vitamins contain complete water-soluble B vitamins that get absorbed into the body with ease. B Vitamin supplements got more attention after studies show that they may help counteract daily stress by improving the nervous system’s function.

​The water-soluble nature of these vitamins allows for quick absorption into the body, which helps replenish the body’s often-needed supply of B vitamins. Choline and Inositol help boost the body’s intake of the B Vitamins in this compound.

​Super B Complex Vitamins do not contain any GMOs, soy, preservatives, stearates, silicon dioxide, or other unnatural ingredients.

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​The Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex provides the body with B vitamins B1, B6, B5, B3, B6, B12, biotin, and folate to help give you energy while clearing the mind with the goal of helping reduce stress.  

​Recipients can count on the Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex for 100 percent of their daily folate needs (400 mcg) and B vitamins B6 and B12 which they believe may help boost heart health.  

​The Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex contains no GMOs, dairy, gluten, fillers, or binding ingredients.

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Natures Plus Mega-Stress Complex provides the body with a healthy dose of water-soluble vitamins that include B Complex vitamins, folate, biotin, magnesium, valerian root, chamomile, zinc, and calcium.  

​These potent vitamins and herbs have been extensively studied and have gotten a reputation for helping people stay calm and avoid becoming too stressed.

These tablets got designed to gradually release their vitamins and other supplements to help you maintain a calm, energized feel throughout the day.

These facilities that these tablets get manufactured in facilities that have adhered to the cGMP standards by maintaining the highest standards in the industry completed registration with both the FDA and the NSF. Moreover, these tablets are free from all gluten, artificial colors, and preservatives.

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There isn’t any medication that can take away your every doubt, fear, or worry in life. However, these medications may help you keep a more “even tempo” throughout the day while allowing you to avoid putting pharmaceuticals into your body.

The key takeaway here needs to be that no medication can magically take the stress out of your life. Your stressors in life will continue just like they always have. However, some supplements can help even out your energy and mood to ensure that you can handle the stressors in your life in a more positive way.

These are key features to look for in a supplement when you are choosing something natural over pharmaceuticals. You need to pay attention to what is in the supplement you are taking and what it contains to determine if it’s a good fit for your stress needs.

All of these supplements offer your body a complete contingent of all daily recommended values (DRV) of your B vitamins along with natural herbal supplements that can help boost your energy and keep your mood steady throughout the day to help you deal with the stresses of daily life more productively.

Equally important, these products listed above are all 100 percent natural and get made with both vitamins and herbs from nature. Most also happen to be free of nuts, gluten, dairy, and other common allergens.  

Nothing Can Take All Stress Away

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There isn’t any medication that can take away your every doubt, fear, or worry in life. However, these medications may help you keep a more “even tempo” throughout the day while allowing you to avoid putting pharmaceuticals into your body.

B complex vitamins help boost both the body’s immune system as well as its response to the stresses of everyday life. While no medication can majestically “cure” stress, these vitamins can give you more energy and a mood boost to help you handle the daily stressors of life more positively.

In addition to taking a 100 percent natural supplement such as one suggested above, remaining positive, surrounding yourself with people you care about (and who care about you), keeping a healthy diet, and exercising on a regular basis can all help you manage stress more effectively.

Stress can be tricky to handle, but there are ways to minimize the adverse effects it has on your mood, attitude, outlook, and life.

​Remembering to take your supplement each day with a meal of your choice can help provide your body with the B vitamin complex you need to get that extra edge regarding both your mood and energy levels, which can help lessen the stress you experience in your daily life. No pharmaceuticals required.

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