For many adults, time for exercise is hard to come by. However, staying active is highly recommended by medical practitioners worldwide. This is because an active lifestyle is vital for the health of every adult. Done regularly, simple exercises help prevent many diseases, including heart diseases, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Making the time to do a few simple exercises each day can also reduce pain associated with arthritis

Simple exercises are vital for improving flexibility, balance, endurance, and strength so that adults can stay healthier longer. So what are some simple exercises anyone can do? This article highlights simple exercises that any adult can do regularly to stay healthier longer.

What Are Some Simple Exercises Anyone Can Do?

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You can choose from a wide variety of simple exercises that just about anyone can do, along with different, creative ways to fit exercise into your day. We present a list including both below to help you find the ideal regime:

A Strategic Parking Spot

If you drive, you can park a little farther away from your destination and then walk to your office or wherever you are going. When you are taking a bus or train for your morning commute, create an opportunity to walk. The same applies to when going to the bank, appointments, more even post office. This is perfect for anyone. As you walk, you will burn calories and likely shed some pounds over time.


Walk and Talk

You can also get a nice headset for your mobile phone. Then you should stand, walk or move while talking on the phone. This offers you an opportunity to exercise without even really thinking about it.


Mobile Meetings

You can participate in meetings on the go, discussing business in the afternoons while walking, jogging, or even riding a bike if you have an associate who wants to exercise as well!


Going Up?

Another way to exercise daily is to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. If all those stairs are too much for you, you can opt to try a combination. "One flight of stairs will not kill you," is a rough saying but true. A few thousand, over time, may even prolong your life.


Special Delivery

You can get up and deliver a document or message rather than sending it electronically. As you might have noticed, some people email instead of walking down the hall. You should exercise by physically delivering the message, and you may even lose weight if you do this often.

Five More Ways to Get Moving

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Another simple way to exercise is just turning on the radio and moving to the music. You do not have to sweat while dancing to oldies or your preferred genre. You just have to move, and it does not even have to be in time to the music! This will get your muscles and joints into action. Even if you think you "have no rhythm," just play a music video and imitate the dance moves. You will exercise and learn new moves.


Active Breaks

Make appointments with yourself to walk around the block, or up two flights of stairs, for example. Besides giving you an opportunity to exercise, these breaks will also give you a chance to think as you walk.  

At the workplace, you can take a break each hour to stand, stretch and walk around. You will exercise while also taking the much-needed break to refresh your mind and focus.


Desk Workouts

You can purchase products such as a thigh exerciser or hand grips and do exercises at your desk. A dozen repetitions several times during the day will help strengthen and tone your muscles. You can find products for both lower and upper body development. These simple exercises will help you shed some weight and stay in shape. You will also release stress that often develops in a worker's back after sitting for hours at a time.

Compete with Yourself and Push Yourself

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Here are three bonus ideas to get you going:


Let the Wall Do the Work

You can invent "pretend" exercises. For example, pick a bare wall or a sturdy fixture and push against it. This is called resistance training. While you cannot move the wall, your body will not know it, and it will be beneficial, just like any other simple exercise you can do.


No Weights Needed

Another such exercise you can add to your routine is to make believe that you are lifting a barbell above your head and then feel the weight resistance. You can work your way up toward a new personal record each time you press the imaginary weight!



You can also back against a wall and then slide down the wall until you are in a sitting position on an imaginary chair. You should maintain this position for about fifteen seconds and then lengthen this time span each time. It is a great isometric exercise.


Of course, you may want to inform your supervisor what you are doing these simple exercises, or may think you are acting strangely. You should not disappear to exercise. You must inform your boss that you are taking a few minutes for some exercise. But: Your boss should be in favor of this because you will have more energy to perform more work if you exercise more! The company health insurer might be pleased as well.


Who Should Exercise?

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Anyone can do simple exercises, including retired individuals and even the very elderly if possible. Some people say they just do not have time for exercise. Some say that they are stuck in the office most of the day and "that's that." Please remember that, once you get started it will feel great to get control of your life in this way.

Simple exercises are the best, even if you're young and healthy, since anyone can do them. It does not matter if you are working or not. These exercises can be done almost anywhere at any time. You can do simple exercises on the go, on vacation, and even at your workplace.

To put it plainly, a lack of exercise is bad for your health. That is not open for debate. Exercise will relieve stress and rejuvenate your body and mind. Some exercise is recommended for everyone. You need to exercise all you can. However, performing simple exercises on your own does not exclude you from joining a gym as well.

It is a great choice to join an exercise facility, too, but many simple exercises can be done at home. This means that your children and spouse can join in, which creates even more motivation. Most simple exercises are safe, and you do not have to worry about straining your body. You will derive many benefits.

Exercises to Begin Training

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You can also find simple, exercises that you can do at home. We recommend trying some of the following calisthenic exercises when you begin training. These movements are challenging enough for you to feel that you are getting good exercise but simple enough that even young kids can keep up.


Spread your feet apart and then do deep knee bends as if you are sitting down on an invisible box. You should put your arms out and ensure that you do not extend past the toes.


‚ÄčPut your elbows on the floor and then raise up on the tips of your toes. Keep your back straight and abs tight. Hold that position for thirty seconds or more.


‚ÄčKeep your abs and the back as straight as you can and do this traditional exercise. You can also do these with either bent or straight knees for different benefit levels.


‚ÄčKeep your abs and the back as straight as you can and do this traditional exercise. You can also do these with either bent or straight knees for different benefit levels.


‚ÄčTake a step forward and touch your back knee to the floor. You should ensure that the front knee does not extend past the toes.


‚ÄčThese are like situps, but you must curl your chest towards your knees and hold to work your core muscles.


‚ÄčThese are challenging exercises, and a sequence of them will get your heart racing. They are done by squatting and then putting your hands to the ground. Then kick your legs straight back behind you, landing on your toes. Then do a push-up, bring your legs underneath you and jump straight up off the floor. That is one burpee, and you should repeat a few to feel the benefits.

Side Leg Raises

‚ÄčThis simple exercise should be done while keeping your legs straight.

Butterfly Kicks

‚ÄčLie on your back. Keep your abs tight, raise your feet off the floor, and flutter-kick them at different speeds.

Mountain Climbers

‚ÄčStart by assuming a push-up position, and then bring one foot at a time forward toward the armpit. Then extend it back out. This full exercise is done by alternating both legs. It should look and feel like a stationary "bear crawl."


‚ÄčThis exercise is like a situp, but more in the shape of a ‚ÄúV.‚ÄĚ To do this one, lie back and extend your arms out above your head on the floor. Then, lift your legs and raise your hand and torso until your body make a V. Finish by reaching toward your feet and then back down again.


When people say they cannot exercise, it is sometimes just a mere excuse for not doing so. Others are just nervous and don't know how to begin. There are many simple exercises out there that anyone can do. This includes elderly people, kids, and both men and women. Many exercises can be done anywhere, including in the workplace.


Most of the exercises we covered here can be done on the go. Most of them are easy and provide many benefits, such as prevention of potential diseases related to inactivity. We hope that this article has helped you find some simple exercises that you can do regularly to stay healthier longer.

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