Garden of Life claims it’s the #1 brand in the natural products industry, but with hundreds of products and multiple product lines, how do you know where to start? We’ve rounded up the top ten Garden of Life products so you can skip the time-consuming, confusing research and get straight to feeling better and living healthier.

About Garden of Life Garden of Life has been in business for several decades. It is a natural products company that sells everything from supplements to meal replacement shakes to probiotics. In late 2017, press releases announced that Garden of Life’s parent company, Atrium, has been sold to multinational conglomerate Nestle. All management levels assured customers, however, that Garden of Life would continue to create products at the same high quality, and to date that has been the case.

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Garden of Life is widely available at health food stores and online at places like Amazon, making it extremely convenient for most customers to access and purchase these health food supplements. The company is also a Certified B Corp, a certification that recognizes companies that make their world better, through purpose-driven missions, financial transparency, and high social and environmental performance.

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Garden Of Life Buyer’s Guide

Garden of Life promises quality, and it delivers around three core principles: whole food, clean food, and something Garden of Life calls traceability. Here’s the breakdown on what each of these principles means:

First, Garden of Life believes that the best way to achieve health is by using whole foods. Using “real, healthy food,” is core to the company’s goal of delivering what’s missing in people’s diets. Second, Garden of Life makes clean ingredients its highest priority. Here are a few of the third-party affiliations Garden of Life uses in all products:

  • All products are certified USDA organic which means all ingredients are “grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation.” 
  • Garden of Life is Non-GMO Project Verified through the third party Non-GMO Project.

You may also find the following certifications, depending on the Garden of Life product you’re interested in:

  • Certified Vegan (third-party certification from
  • Certified Gluten-Free (achieving the Certified Gluten-Free logo)
  • NSF Gluten-Free (similar to Certified Gluten-Free)
  • Star-K Kosher and U Kosher
  • NSF Certified for Sport (products with this label have no banned ingredients)

Finally, Garden of Life focuses on something it calls traceability. Here’s what traceability eans, in the company’s own words: “traceability starts with knowing where each and every ingredient in our products comes from and getting to know each and every source: where it’s grown; the farming practices; how they pay and treat the farm workers--everything.”

How We Chose Our Ratings

Garden of Life might create great products, but every product isn’t for everyone, and our primary goal with this roundup is to help you easily and quickly identify the best Garden of Life products for you. We’ve scoured the web for all available data on each supplement, plus read the thousands of reviews available online to find the best products, hands down, for you.

Top 7 Best Garden Of Life Products

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When it comes to nourishing the little one that’s growing inside of you, the quality of the food and supplements you consume is extremely important. Pediatricians and OB-GYNs recommend prenatal vitamins for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, and customers love the Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal vitamins from Garden of Life.

These vitamins are:

  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Non-GMO Project Verified

The combination of vitamins and minerals includes folate and iron, both of which are vital for healthy mothers and healthy fetal development. Garden of Life also includes ginger, to help with nausea and digestion issues, as well as zinc, vitamin D, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C, and probiotics. The inclusion of iron and probiotics is one of the main things that sets this Garden of Life prenatal apart from others; you would normally have to purchase several products to get all of these important ingredients.

And what do customers think of the product? Well, out of over 2,200 reviews on Amazon, 84% of users give these prenatal vitamins four or five stars. It’s a product that most people love!

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Whether you’re a vegetarian looking to increase sources of protein in your diet, you need an easy, convenient way to get a healthy meal on the go, or you’re working out and trying to build muscle, protein powder can be hugely beneficial. However, protein powders can be extremely overwhelming--not to mention packed with nasty ingredients that we can’t pronounce.

That’s one of the reasons we like Garden of Life’s RAW Organic Protein Powder so much. Not only is it made from plant proteins (mostly pea but also brown rice), but it’s also made with clean ingredients--everything is easy to pronounce and above board. Users report that it mixes well with almond milk or other ingredients, and it packs an impressive 22 grams of protein, which can be difficult for vegan powders to achieve. If you’ve historically had trouble digesting protein powder, you’ll also appreciate that this one comes with probiotics and enzymes to help heal and soothe your gut so that you can absorb maximum nutritional content from your protein drink.

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You’ve probably heard about the prevalence of osteoporosis and its accompanying side effects, but medications to heal treat osteoporosis are expensive and come with painful side effects. That’s why we were so excited to learn Vitamin Code Raw Calcium from Garden of Life, because of its potential to help heal and even reverse bone loss.

It’s well-known at this point that calcium citrate--the kind of calcium you find in most calcium supplements--is not readily absorbed by the body. Plus, most other kinds of calcium supplements use earth minerals like limestone to provide calcium. Gross! Instead of these unsavory ingredients, Garden of Life uses calcium harvested from algae calcareous, which grows on the shores of remote South America.

Because it sources its ingredients from whole foods, it also includes vitamin D3 and K2 in the highly useable MK-7 form, as well as probiotics and naturally occurring enzymes. The customer reviews for this product are astonishing. Kaitlyn J. wrote in to explain that after six months of taking Garden of Life Raw Calcium, her mother’s osteopenia test showed that “she had grown bone back!” Texasgal had another report of bone regrowth after taking Raw Calcium. She says, “I quit taking omeprazole and took two tablets of the calcium every day. Last week, nine months later, my doctor did a scan and was so surprised. He said my severe osteoporosis had been reversed and I was only in osteopenia!!!! Amazing!”

These are just a handful of the glowing reviews, but they’ve got us convinced that Raw Calcium from Garden of Life is worth every cent.

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MCT oil is a type of oil made from medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), a type of fat chain. They are easy to digest and have been proven to help prevent obesity, help people lose weight, increase mental performance, increase athletic performance, and much more.  MCTs are most often sourced from oils like coconut oil and palm oil. However, the palm oil industry typically causes mass deforestation, making it an unsavory choice for supplements. Because of this, Garden of Life uses only coconut oil to produce its MCT oil. And unlike many other MCT oil makers, it doesn’t use solvents like hexane to make its oils.

Most often, people include MCT oil in their morning coffee (it’s almost tasteless), but you can also mix it into just about anything else--including oatmeal tea or smoothies. The most common positive thing people have to say about this oil is how well it clears up brain fog and provides bursts of energy. One reviewer on Amazon writes, “It took 7 to 10 days for me to see a real benefit, for that first week and a half I was still cloudy and doubting the benefits. I can now attest I have improved clarity, articulation, and my ability to express myself has improved greatly.”

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One of the unique features about these vitamins is that they’re raw--or, like Garden of Life puts it, RAW. Garden of Life sources its vitamins and minerals from whole food sources and doesn’t heat them over 115º F so that they maintain their properties, including live probiotics and enzymes, “just like raw foods!” These capsules are designed to be taken twice a day (morning and night) and come sans fillers or binders.

The focus here is clearly on absorption--there aren’t any extra bells and whistles when it comes to what’s included (simply a standard men’s multivitamin), but there is a focus on heart and prostate health, as well as mental and physical energy. The live probiotics assist with better digestion and nutrient absorption, and the many positive reviews (over 1,200 reviews, with 85% rating four stars or higher) attest to the fact that people see results when they’re taking these vitamins.

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Gold milk, also called turmeric milk, is one of the most popular health trends currently. It’s simple to make at home--just add a tiny bit of turmeric powder, the bright yellow spice from India, to any kind of warm dairy or non-dairy milk. People love turmeric for its powerful health benefits; it’s been shown to fight inflammation, improve mental performance, and may even improve symptoms of depression.

To help make it easier for people to achieve these benefits for themselves, Garden of Life has created a powder made from fermented organic turmeric with ginger, organic black pepper and probiotics, cinnamon bark, and cardamom. The container comes with an attached scoop that makes mixing up a drink of milk a breeze. Garden of Life also includes organic ashwagandha root, a stress and mood enhancer that’s been in use since ancient times. Customers report feeling warmed, relaxed, and sleeping better.

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Collagen is another popular health product right now, thanks to claims that it can help heal gut health and make nails and bones stronger. However, there are doubts about whether or not all this collagen that we’re drinking is usable by the body. Plus, collagen sources are nasty and potentially unethical, since they come from bones, hooves, horns, etc.

Fortunately, the body can produce its own collagen, and this Plant Collagen Builder from Garden of Life helps you do just  that, thanks to ingredients like bamboo extract and pomegranate. Mykind Organics Plant Collagen Builder is extremely popular with vegans who want to fuller hair or thicker nails but don’t want to compromise their supplements. Users report fewer wrinkles, brighter skin, increase hair growth, and thicker, stronger nails.

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The Bottom Line

Garden of Life is a company known for its commitment to quality--but not all the products we reviewed passed our tests. The company’s essential oils, for examples, fail to live up to their hype, and many of the meal replacement shakes and protein powders, while popular, can’t
compete with other, better products.

The seven products we’ve listed here today are the seven best, hands down. Whether it’s the mykind Organics Plant Collagen Builder or the Dr. Formulated 100% Organic Coconut MCT Oil, we’re confident these are the supplements that will bring you quick, easy-to-recognize results.

Here’s to better health!

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