Working out at home and using an exercise video to burn some calories is super¬†convenient. Sometimes, you just can’t make it to Zumba class, but that’s okay. You can do it in the comfort of your own home and still get in a good workout. Getting in shape doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can work your way to rock hard abs while washing a load of clothes, it’s that simple. Plus, exercise DVDs are a godsend for people who dislike exercising in front of others. If you’re someone who feels awkward in a gym setting, at home workouts will be your best friend. There’s nothing better than burning calories in private.

At the same time, does the idea of hiring a fitness instructor intimidate you? Maybe you have a tight budget and can’t afford gym equipment. If so, exercise videos are the solution. Whether you want to look like an athlete or you just want to keep your body active, an instructional fitness video can help you. With a little determination and consistency, you’ll be wearing your dream body in no time.

What Is the Advantage of an Exercise Video?

Aside from the aforementioned affordability and privacy, the beauty of using workout¬†DVDs is that they give you versatility. You’ll never get bored with the variety¬†of fitness gurus and the various styles of exercise. Not to mention, at home workouts are for everyone; whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fitness person. You can also work towards whatever goal you want, whether it’s yoga, abs, upper body, cardio, or pilates. Best of all, there’s no waiting for the gym to open; you can get fit at any time of the day or night.

Overall Price

The average exercise video will cost you approximately $5 to $20 depending on where you get it and how new the DVD is. Sometimes the price for a popular fitness guru video will cost more. Still, they’re extremely¬†affordable and will last for years; it’s a good investment. You can buy your preferred exercise video at different retailers like¬†Walmart or on¬†Amazon.

However, you don’t always have to purchase a DVD. There are tons of free videos available. Youtube has countless videos¬†to choose from. Channels like Popsugar Fitness has an array of workouts for subscribers. Some cable providers offer free workout videos, and there’s¬†also some available on the Amazon firestick.

How We Reviewed

We searched through tons of workout videos to learn which ones are popular amongst most customers. Our goal was to find an array of different exercise styles and find the top DVDs in each category. We read through loads of reviews to get an idea of how the customers enjoyed it, and if they saw results from the workouts. Our final decision was based primarily on the reviews of the people who purchased the videos.

Home Workout Videos To Enjoy

We’ve compiled a list of exercise videos crafted to get you fit and in your favorite pair of jeans in no time. Exercise videos are very personal. What works for you may not be fun for your best friend, so you may have to try more than one to find your perfect match.

Jane Fonda’s AM/PM Yoga For Beginners

Jane Fonda is a longtime¬†fitness guru who’s done workout videos¬†since the 1980’s, so she knows a thing or two about getting into shape. This set comes with three AM yoga sessions and two PM. The morning workouts make you feel energized¬†and ready to start the day while the night routine will help you relax and unwind. These DVDs will work on your abs and back and strengthen¬†your core. It also increases your stamina and your endurance while doing yoga poses. There’s also a 5-minute bonus workout that helps improve your posture and balance. You’ll need a yoga mat, chair, and light weights to get the most out of these exercises.

The price range is approximately $5 to $8 for the DVD; however, you can purchase the Amazon Prime video for a few more dollars. Customers on Amazon rated it 4.4 out of 5 stars. Only one reviewer stated that this DVD is advanced and not for beginners.

INSANITY Fast and Furious Abs

This exercise video is for people who have lots of stamina. The instructor Shaun T condenses a 45-minute workout into 15 minutes, which gives you quick results. If you’re short on time and want a beach body, this is the workout regimen for you. All of the ab routines are done quickly, hence the name Insanity. The exercise coach will take you through cardio and intense core drills. You’ll have a six-pack in no time.

The cost for this video ranges from $20 to $25 and the customers on Amazon rated it 3.8 out of 5 stars. But according to one reviewer, it contains mostly cardio with little impact on the abs.

STRONG by Zumba High-Intensity Cardio & Tone

STRONG by Zumba is a fun and energetic routine that’ll get your heart pumping. The music will get you in the groove, and it won’t feel like a workout. The exercises tone your entire muscle group including your abs, legs, glutes, and arms; it’s a total body workout, Plus, it combines high-intensity exercise with muscle conditions which result¬†in a high-calorie burn and even post-exercise fat burn. It’s a 60-minute routine that will get you in to shape fast. Plus, it includes a 20-minute bonus workout.

It costs between $8 to $11 for the DVD, and the reviewers on Amazon gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. However, one customer was disappointed that this was not the typical Zumba routine.

Denise Austin: Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates

Denise Austin is another fitness instructor who’s been around for many years. Her pilates DVD contains three workouts¬†designed to get you lean and toned. The routine targets stubborn fat zones, gives you a slim waist, and tones your bun and thighs. The first DVD is 15 minutes of abs and core work that chisels your stomach. The second tones your upper body by using small weights¬†to firm your chest and arms. Lastly, the third routine helps to lift your buns and reduce inches on your thighs.

The cost of the DVD ranges from $8 to $11, and you can also buy the Amazon Prime video for a few dollars less. The customers on Amazon rated it 4.1 out of 5 stars, but there were some dissatisfied customers. Only one user stated the DVD cause her neck pain.

Billy Blanks: Tae Bo Cardio Explosion

Taebo is a kick-butt workout that gets your body in shape quickly. This workout will leave you soaking wet after you finish your routine and you’ll see the results fast. The Tae Bo moves will help you lose fat and burn the inches off. Not only is it an intense workout, but it’s a stress reliever. This workout routine will have you kicking and punching the tension away. The DVD is 67 minutes long and guaranteed to give you a great workout.

The price for this exercise video is $12 to $16, and the customers on Amazon gave it 4.3 out of 5 stars. One dissatisfied reviewer stated that this routine had too many breaks and did not give a solid workout.


This fitness DVD is the complete package. It comes with ten challenging exercise routines that help you burn fat and build lean muscle. Each workout caters to different levels of fitness and keeps your body engaged. These routines are designed to increase your metabolism and maximize your results. It also includes a training guide, nutrition plan, and a workout calendar. Plus, you’ll receive a bonus stretch DVD that helps you recover and prevent injury.

This entire set costs between $25 to $35 and Amazon customers rated it 4.3 out of 5 stars. However, according to one reviewer, the video production for this exercise video is awful.

Walk On: 6 Mile Mix

This two-hour DVD helps you walk off the pounds and inches. You walk up to six miles and each mile work on a different part of your body. Mile one is a 15-minute brisk walk, mile three consists of walking and doing upper body, and mile four includes ab work. There’s also a five-minute cooldown and stretch to help you recover. This is an intermediate level workout, but there are more advanced options demonstrated during the routine.

The price range is $13 to $16, and it was rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by Amazon reviewers. Unfortunately for one user, the DVD was a disappointment because this one requires some extra equipment.

Jillian Michaels Killer Arms & Back

This workout will have your arms and back on fire, but it’ll be worth it. The set contains three 30 minute DVDs that work on your biceps, triceps, and back. Stick with this program, and you’re guaranteed to look amazing in your bikinis and tank tops. The routine utilizes different levels to help you succeed. Do one workout for ten days and then advance to the next level. Jillian Michaels provides modifications for every move, so even if you’re not advanced, you can get in a good arm workout.

This exercise video is affordable and costs between $6 to $9, and you can also buy it on Amazon Prime for a couple of dollars more. The customers on Amazon rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars, however according to one user the workout title is misleading.

Belly Dance For Beginners

Twist and wind your way to a slim waist with this belly dancing exercise video. It’s a fun and exciting exercise great for all fitness levels. It comes with three sessions each ranging from 10 to 30 minutes long. Section one teaches you the fundamentals of bellying dancing, including the posture, and arm and hip movements. Part two incorporates shimmy moves and the Egyptian walk. And lastly, in section three the instructor performs a sensual and engaging belly dance routine for you to follow along with. All of the workouts are easy to grasp and simple for beginners.

The price range is between $7 to 10, and Amazon reviewers gave it 4.1 out of 5 stars. Overall the reviews were positive, with one customer who felt the DVD was too hard to follow along.

Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing 60-Minute Workout

This fat burning exercise video contains high-energy fitness workouts choreographed with numerous styles. The routines focused on martial arts and kickboxing designed to strengthen your whole body while also improving your overall health. You’ll gain flexibility, balance, stamina, muscle tone, and stress relief through this DVD. The routine puts you through a non-stop 60-minute cardio kickboxing routine that slims your waistline and builds your endurance. You’ll have fun, break a sweat, and burn lots of calories all at the same time. And the good thing is, there’s no equipment or floor work required; all you need is your natural body weight and muscles.

The price range for this workout is between $13 to $17, and the users on Amazon rated it 4.1 out of 5 stars. On the other hand, there were some dissatisfied customers. According to one¬†customer, the video is too long and doesn’t give you the option to work on specific areas of the body. Nor is there an option for a quick workout.

Are You Ready to Break a Sweat?

We’ve got to be honest; we couldn’t just pick one exercise video. However, we do have some thoughts. In regards to getting in a good workout, we think STRONG by Zumba is a great option. When you want a good sweat, that should be your top pick. It’ll get your blood flowing, and torch calories like no other. But, since we couldn’t say what DVD is the best, you should try them all. Even if it’s not a specific video from the list, your body needs variety.

Maybe after doing intense workouts during the week, you can do yoga on the weekend to give yourself a rest. Or after doing the INSANITY ab workout, you can do Denise Austin’s Pilates video. Mixing and matching help your body stay fueled and also keeps you entertained. So, which exercise video will you try?